Summer lessons

School’s out and I’m sure your kids are enjoying their summer…hiking, biking, swimming, and most importantly NO homework!

But instead, you may be equally worried about your childrens’ “summer slide,” the term parents and teachers give to the loss of valuable momentum of learning they created during the school year.

What’s the solution, you’re wondering? There is one. And it has everything to do with beautiful, wonderful music!

At the top of the list is what’s in it for you? Of course you’re a busy parent. So, why not  have the music teacher come to your home for lessons. Your child can practice and learn in a comfortable, familiar environment, and you don’t have to lug them to yet another place. in the 100-degree heat!

Most likely your child spent the entire school year engaged in a variety of extracurricular activities. So it’s no wonder they probably miss some of that over the summer. Thankfully, music provides a perfect answer to this problem, because it is both fun and challenging, and keeps kids engaged. Just because school stops doesn’t mean your lessons have to, and continuing to work on music over the summer gives kids goals to work toward, building self-reliance and initiative. And with the right music teacher, it can be a total blast!

Even though school is out, you want to keep your kid’s brain functioning on a high level during the break, and music is the perfect way to do that. There is tons of research out there that makes a definite connection between playing a musical instrument and learning. Well, it’s true! Music improves literacy and quantitative reasoning, and even provides valuable social and emotional benefits too. Music helps keep these benefits from lapsing during summer.

So that’s three good reasons to take music lessons over the summer. What are you waiting for? Give us a call to schedule lessons today!

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